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Muttator должен прийтись по нраву пользователям Vimperator

Muttator — плагин к Thunderbird, который превращает его в нечто похожее на mutt. В процессе разработки.

В сентябре 2009 была выпущена версия 0.5, которая работает с Thunderbird 3.0+.


[править] Возможности

Основные возможности[1]:

  • Vim-like key bindings (h, j, k, l, gg, G, 0, $, ZZ, <C-f>, etc.)
  • Ex-commands (:quit, :goto Inbox, …)
  • External editor support for editing mail messages
  • Tab completion available for all commands with support for 'longest' matching when :set in 'wildmode'
  • Extensions! Yes, you can extend Muttator's functionality with scripts just like you can extend Thunderbird with extensions.
  • Explore JavaScript objects with :echo window and even context-sensitive tab completion.
  • Macros to replay key strokes
  • AutoCommands to execute action on certain events
  • Hit-a-hint like navigation of links (start with f to follow a link)
  • Minimal GUI (easily hide menu bar and toolbar with :set guioptions=f)
  • Ability to :source JavaScript files, and to use a ~/.muttatorrc file
  • Count supported for many commands (3<C-o> will go back 3 messages)
  • Beep on errors
  •  :map and :command support (and feedkeys() for script writers)
  •  :time support for profiling
  • Many other Vimperator features are available when in -- MESSAGE -- mode

[править] Почему mutt — это зло


mutt — это не зло. Но у него есть некоторые недостатки.

Зачем нужен muttator, если есть mutt? Ниже перечислено несколько причин, по которым можно, сидя на mutt, искать что-то другое.

1.) you can't have multiple email-window's open on mutt. you have to leave and postpone the message and open a new one (or open multiple mutt instances). With thunderbird you can have probably as many seperate window's (for each single email) as you wish. (e.g. you want to copy/paste text from one to another etc)

  1. В mutt нет инкрементального поиска (вы вводите строку, а вам показываются подходящие варианты)
  2. mutt открывает большие ящики очень медленно, несмотря на кеширование и прочее.

4.) the way how to open links is painful, Hints are much better, and even work for links who wraps lines.

5.) thunderbird etc, can store all mail-addresses you write To:, into the address-book automatically.

  1. Esc не отменяет приглашения, приходится нажимать Ctrl-g

7.) Painful to watch many images which are sent as attachments. At least kmail shows them all inline, instead of the need to open all one by one with mutt. That's again one more point, why i think GUI programs would be better than text-only programs WHEN they had they same key bindings as terminal programs.

8.) Mailboxes are too much seperated. If i create folders i want my "Tab" key to cycle them, if only in a hidden mailbox is a new message. In KMail i just download all mails and press n and p to cycle between ALL new mails, no matter in which folder they are. That's why i even have just one big inbox in mutt, where even mailing list messages come in. Also i can't search all mailboxes at once without some external too like mairix. That's just braindead.

9.) It blocks my whole mutt while downloading messages with getmail, etc. Sometimes, you just want to check the mail manually and not wait for cron to update the mails for you.

10.) No proper notification for new mails apart from a beep. If all your terminal apps beep on attention, you don't know for sure, it's comming from your mail client.

11.) No proper folding. Why can i only TOGGLE fold state of threads? I want a key like zM and zR in vim, to close/open all folds, not toggle them.

  1. (обсуждаемый пункт) Нет поддержки RSS. Хотя в соответствии с философией UNIX, каждый инструмент должен уметь делать одно дело, но делать его хорошо, всё же неплохо было бы иметь возможность читать RSS в почтовом клиенте

13.) I don't know too much about mutt, so there is sure a way, but it's just not as easy as :map gi :open inbox<cr> like one would do in vim. But even in KMail i could just set such shortcuts on each folder to quickly navigate between them.

Well, i think that are the most important annoyances of mutt, it of course also lacks other features which would be nice (like instead of just showing "r" that there is a replied mail, it should provide a way to jump there, or */# to jump to the next/previous mail from the same sender, etc. etc.).

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